Ladykiller xx

Ladykiller xx


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horse You'll Be Lucky xx (Thoroughbred, 1954, from Mossborough xx)

You'll Be Lucky xx

horse Sailanna xx (Thoroughbred, 1956, from Sailing Light xx)

Sailanna xx

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jumper Recina (Holsteiner, 1979, from Ladykiller xx)


dressage horse Lord (Holsteiner, 1967, from Ladykiller xx)


dressage horse Corlina (Holsteiner, 2002, from Ladykiller xx)


dressage horse Else (Holsteiner, 1968, from Ladykiller xx)


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Base data

name (DE) Ladykiller xx sportname (DE) Ladykiller xx
UELN 276306064000861 National-ID DE 306064000861
DOB: 1961 Thoroughbred : 0640008 Ladykiller was born in England in 1961 and he was no star of the racetrack. But what was the racing world's loss turned out to be the German Breeders gain. He sired many notable horses especially the two sons who became the twin pillars of Holstein Landgraf and Lord. Ladykiller's breeding features all the attributes found in jumping thoroughbred pedigrees. He was average sized and a clearly masculine type with a beautiful head supported by a heavy neck. He had first-rate legs and feet for a thoroughbred and was an elastic mover. Out of the 35 approved sons and 195 approved daughters his best produce was those emanating from mares with some thoroughbred blood. He must be considered one of the most important jumping sires of modern times, his offspring corresponding more to performance-jumper-type horses. Recently in an article in Z magazine it is stated that Ladykiller passed on a good temperament, fine head light brown colour with white on the legs, and powerfully correct bone structure, very good jumping qualities such as coverage, power, good technique with a rounded back over the fences. Ladykiller died in 1979 at the age of 18.
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