Ahorn Z (Ahorn 33)

Ahorn Z (Ahorn 33)


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horse Argentina Z (Hanoverian, 1977, from Almé Z)

Argentina Z

horse Goliath II Z (Rhinelander, 1975, from Graf Gotthard Z)

Goliath II Z

horse Reurika Z (Hanoverian, 1982, from Ramiro Z)

Reurika Z

horse Romanze Z (Hanoverian, 1983, from Ramiro Z)

Romanze Z

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jumper Stallone (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), 1999, from Ahorn Z)


jumper Bionda (Holsteiner, 1987, from Ahorn Z)


jumper Acord I (Holsteiner, 1983, from Ahorn Z)

Acord I

jumper Aurora Z (Holsteiner, 1984, from Ahorn Z)

Aurora Z

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Base data

name (DE) Ahorn Z sportname (DE) Ahorn 33
breeding name (DE) Ahorn Z UELN 276331310226079

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