riding horses of Pia Stieborsky

jumper La cordia 4 (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), 2003, from Lavito)

La cordia 4

jumper Grancina (Holsteiner, 2014, from Casall Ask)


jumper Rina (German Riding Pony, 1998, from Jacobspeel's Rocky)

Jacobspeel's Rina

dressage horse Grappa (unknown, 2011)


jumper Isoka 3 (Holsteiner, 2015, from Cellestial)

Isoka 3

jumper Celeste 47 (Westphalian, 2013, from Colestus)

Celeste 47

jumper Pia`s Potter (German Riding Pony, 2013, from Pilatus)

Pia`s Potter

jumper Isoka II (Mecklenburg, 1990, from Ibar xx)


jumper Charming Girl 8 (unknown,  )

Charming Girl 8

jumper Pinah Colada (German Riding Pony, 2012, from Pilatus)

Pinah Colada

jumper Charming Girl WE (German Riding Pony, 2005, from Charivari)

Charming Girl WE

jumper Champai (Holsteiner, 2012, from Casall Ask)


jumper Sam 1106 (Oldenburg, 2009, from Stalypso)

Sam 1106

dressage horse Petite Fleur 161 (German Riding Pony, 2010, from Pilatus)

Petite Fleur 161

dressage horse Magic Flame 2 (German Riding Pony, 2009, from Miraculix)

Magic Flame 2

jumper Dana 393 (German Riding Pony, 2006, from Diamond Boy)

Dana 393